Omowale Adewale


An Introduction to Veganism and Agricultural Globalism 

by Omowale Adewale​ 

In this helpful vegan guide and cookbook with various recipes, including smoothies and a detox juice, MaRLI scholar and champion kickboxer Omowale delves deep beyond cooking class to uncover the dirt about the United States' global plan to work with Monsanto to sell GMO crops to Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Australia and the entire world. Along the way, he gives insight into phytoestrogens and soy, while helping readers learn where vegans can easily obtain their protein and vitamin B12.

Whether you're a transitioning vegan, bodybuilder or a political enthusiast, the book touches all the necessary points and returns full circle with a solution.




Omowale Adewale doesn't need animal products to be a bad-ass MMA fighter! #TampaBayVegFest #vegan #mma

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Omowale Adewale was a teen amateur bodybuilder finalist and two-time collegiate gold medalist at 18. Wale has become a boxing and kickboxing champion in his mid and late 30's. He also has a background of mixed-martial arts. 

Since the age of seven, Omowale was attracted to political change. Omowale had managed to work every level of local or State electoral campaign including campaign manager with an above average success rate without ever graduating from college. He worked in the NYS Assembly for six years.

In 2001, after a year of fostering his vision of an artist union, recognizing the mistreatment of artists, Omowale spearheaded the Grassroots Artists MovEment (G.A.ME) with other organizers and artists. G.A.ME accomplished providing health care to artists for a short time and helped artists understand the politics of the music industry. Their change in adopting projects to help young people of color redefine themselves still blossom today.

In 2014, Omowale sought to help any and everyone become vegan through a host of media and communications with the #GoVeg2014 campaign.

  • New York Public Library MaRLI research scholar
  • Certified Plant-Based Nutritionist
  • FAR Fund Fellow for preventing violence against youth
  • Union Square Award Recipient
  • Foster Care Certified
  • Mentor Certified
  • Certified Boxing Trainer
  • Track & Field Champion 1998
  • Boxing Champion 2012
  • Kickboxing Champion (2) 2016